Updating sorry for the break!!

Hi so sorry for the break in writing we had a family bereavement and work has been really crazy! But I am glad to report that I am very much on track still taking my lifesaver Juice Plus everyday drinking lots of water and sticking to my healthy eating plan. I have been varying my exercise between cross-training and running with some weights and blocks of push ups thrown in to keep it interesting! I have been feeling great had a skin breakout with a head cold last week and I think it was the end of my detoxing from caffeine my intake is still minimal I only have a tea if I would really like one I don’t believe in starving myself of anything because I would think about it all the time then! I also don’t weigh myself not because I don’t want to know but its more of a case of weather I fit in my jeans or not is how I judge how things are going on! 

I got a relay place on the Belfast Marathon which takes place this Monday 6th May,  I am running for my daughter Ellies school to help raise funds for lots of lovely things for the kids which is fab the more fun school can be the better! So exited I am doing the 4th Leg (Gideon’s Green to Corpration Street) which is 5.3 miles so hopefully I will make a good time! My route is pretty exposed so I will be wearing my sun-cream and hoping it doesn’t rain too heavy. So my plan is to go for a big walk tomorrow with my family and carb fill for dinner and an early night.

This is the Route For The Marathon 


I picked up my Pack Today


Will be posting tomorrow have a great post about the benefits of cross training for runners

Debbie XXX


In Your Face 10k Fear!!

Yesterday I completed my first 10k and I literally have been buzzing from the sense of achievement all day! Heres how my day went…

Titanic 10K Belfast

8 am Got up with my two baby girls and did breakfast time! I had a huge bowl of porridge and banana to start me off with a cup of hot water and lemon.

MidMorning Drinking lots of water and watching The London Marathon and feeling really inspired by all the fantastic athletes and gaining lots of motivation for the day ahead.

12 noon Got ready in to my running gear making sure I had taken my Juice Plus, my toe nails were cut down, my hair wasn’t going to annoy me and that my playlist was on my iphone ready to go!

12.45 My gorgeous friend Nichola dropped me down to The Titanic quarter which was great to distract me from my nerves. Scoffed two Nutragrain Bars and drank a bottle of Lucozade sport

Mid Afternoon Picked up my Race Pack drank some more, went for a pee about 6 times lol 

1.45 Went to the group warm up facilitated by an amazing team from Fitness First Belfast who were really energetic and got me warmed up pumped up and ready to go!

2.15 At the starting line scared and exited popped my headphones in (I was listening to Ministry Of Sound Running Trax Xtra 5k and 10k edition)  focused on my breathing and off I went….

The first 3k I stayed really slow and steady warming my body up and getting used to the conditions lol in usual Irish weather it was 4 seasons in one hour and it went from Roasting to Windy rainy and cold in a matter of minutes I was really exited to see the 3k sign so I knew where I was and what I had to stay focused on 

After 5k I started to flag a bit I was really hot and after picking up the pace from 3k to 5k I slowed again until I got to the water stop at 6k drank a glass and chucked the other over my head as as if by a miracle it got cooler and windier and I felt back on form and kept repeating you can do this to myself .

I kept my pace really well though at this point my butt muscles were on fire ha ha for another 2k and then slowed again letting me recover a little so I could give it a bit of welly in the last 1k

My playlist started to help me pick my my pace and I started getting so exited about seeing the finishing line I was running and smiling and was getting so much encouragement from the lovely volunteers and I just could wait to see my husband and girls at the end of it all I was so emotional ha ha 

3.17 I came though the finish line and heard the announcer call my name through the tannoy. My legs went to jelly at first and I could bearly speak for the first few seconds but I just jumped up and down and a really nice old man shook my hand and said well done, I just replied 62 min eeeeeeeeeeekkkk (he must have thought I was mental) I am so proud of my self I had set myself the challenge of doing it in 1 Hr so two min over aint half bad I couldn’t be happier!

Late Afternoon 

After a trip to the bouncy castle with Ellie we took a stroll in to the city center and I got treated to the biggest cheese toasty ever a lovely finish to a great day! 

I made sure to have a big Radox salts bath later on last night to rest my weary muscles. I woke up this morning feeling great no stiffness

I really cant wait to do another big run now and am more than determined to beat my times.

Big Thanks to all my lovely friends and family who encouraged me before and congratulated me after It might seem like a little hill for some people but to me this is the first of many mountains I have to climb, without support it’s a much harder challenge!

Debbie XXXX








Out With The Old and In With The New

With my new found energy has come a bit of clarity on the reasons why I felt so tired and burnt out physically and mentally. I am working on my body putting the right things in and exercising and setting attainable goals for my personal life and business, but now I need to let go of the things that I know were holding me back and making me feel bad…. The dreaded pre 2nd baby clothes!! After I had Ellie I bounced back in to my skinny jeans the next day and my body went back to normal almost immediately which was fantastic but I never thought when pregnant with my 2nd baby that it might be a different story, I didn’t necessarily put weight on yet I seemed to be bigger , my hips changed they got bigger as did my thighs and I didn’t seem to have as much of a waist so all the beautiful pencil dresses and skirts shirts etc I They just didn’t look right on me but I’ve held on to them saying to myself that I would just have to loose more weight to fit in to them…. but lets face it my shape has just changed and It’s no good holding on to the things that make me feel like the present me isn’t as good as past me. So today I got everything out and have decided to sell it all and start again. Out with the old and in with the new! 


Im feeling positive and ready for change embracing the new found strength I have!

Debbie XXX

Juice Plus Update

As I have mentioned before I started taking a whole food supplement called Juice Plus, I really can’t express enough how much it’s changed me I still can’t believe it! I have had the craziest busy week so far and it’s been quite stressful too and still I haven’t turned to my demon caffeine to get me through the day I simply haven’t needed it which I feel is a huge step forward! My skin and eyes are looking great and my hair keeps getting compliments on how glossy it looks so you can’t be bad to that huh!! I am glad that my leap of faith is paying off !! Viva Juice Plus!


Ran 3.44 Miles today in the freezing rain and wind it felt fantastic but I will be so sore in the morning I put a huge hill in the end of my route to shake things up a bit and it was super hard work lol!

Moving Forward and feeling happy and positive for it!

If you would like anymore info on Juice Plus please email me I have lots of stuff I can send through! missdhughes@hotmail.co.uk

Debbie xxx

Running for Goals


I think setting goals is a good way to have something to work towards  that you really want and doing a 10K has been on my list for a really long time ! So to keep momentum going I have signed up  for  The Titanic 10k 2013 it’s next Sunday 21st April Yay!! So I’m going to up the lengths of my runs until Thursday to get used to the distace and to see how I feel and then switch to short runs until the big day! I am really nervous but also loving my new found energy and am looking forward to setting new challenges and reaching new goals! Ill update my progress with my running as the days go on leading up to Sunday!


For more info on the Titanic 10K go to http://www.athleticsni.org

I’d love to hear your running tips for muscle pain, power eating etc

Debbie xxx

Step in the right direction…

I have always prefered running to most other forms of exercise mainly because its free and you can be completely alone with your thoughts and I always feel like it’s a great stress reliever. I have been having a bit of an on off relationship with it since my last baby was born 8 months ago because I could never find the time or the energy ( and a bit of excuse making thrown in there rainy cold etc)  but with the changes I have already been making I have never felt more ready. So this morning I got up and did the usual school stuff with baby number 1 and luckily my husband was off and I didn’t start work until a little later so really there no excuse. I had yogurt banana and granola for my breakfast this morning and about 500mls of water and of course my Juice Plus+ which gives me such and energy boost. I am in training for a 10k next sunday so its my focus to keep me going. I ran 6.12 Kilometers in around 40 mins including a chat with my friends auntie in the park ha ha! Very Happy my legs will feel very sore tomorrow I am very sure but I have the bio freeze at the ready and im treating myself to a big Radox bath tonight!

My Run From Today! Nike Runner is a super cool App!



I wear Adidas Adifast Ortholite Running Shoes which are really lightweight and cushioned I love the colour too!


I’ll fill you all in on the details of the 10K Im doing next sunday tomorrow.

Night Night

Debbie XXX

The Healthy Me Plan… The Beginning

As I said in my “about me” section of this blog I basically started my happiness project because I felt tired all the time and was as the saying goes “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired” even though I ate quite healthily I still heavily relied on caffeine and chocolate to give me the energy I needed to get through the day. With two babies and a business to run never mind all the household things I needed to keep on top of I just got to the point where enough was enough! Thats where the lovely Lisa from my previous post came in to play… She suggested Juice Plus+ It’s a product she is totally passionate about and she really took the time to explain what it was to me which was so lovely so as it was coming up to my birthday I took a leap of faith and decided to invest….

The World Health Organization recommends we eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Most people don’t come anywhere close. Clinically proven Juice PLUS+® helps you bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat, every day.


Juice Plus come in capsules separated in to groups Fruits Vegetables and Berries.It contains concentrated juice powders from 26 different fruits, vegetables and berries that give the widest range possible of nutritional benefits. I am taking the Fruit and Vegetable capsules at the moment and they are created from

Fruit Blend Capsules

Apples, Oranges, Pineapple, Peaches, Cranberries, Papaya, Acerola Cherry, Dates and Prunes

Vegetable Blend Capsules

Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage,Carrots, Kale, Spinach, Parsley, Garlic and Tomato


Berries Blend

Concord Grape, Raspberry, Blueberry, Redcurrant, Cranberry, Blackberry, Elderberry and Bilberry


I have decided to introduce the Berries blend in to my plan as soon as possible! I have been taking the Fruits and Vegetables Capsules for 3 weeks and I have already felt huge changes…. Seriously!! The first thing I noticed was after about day 10 I realized I had stopped using coffee as my crutch I just didn’t feel so tired that I needed it, which is really weird my day usually went in a pattern that revolved around squeezing coffee in between clients, school runs, the kids lunch and dinner time etc I had in and around 8-10 cups of Tea and Coffee a day usually (shocking huh). I have officially had 1 cup of coffee since last friday which would make it 6 days and I feel like I have really hit one of my goals in changing how I feel I am very proud of myself! The other things I have noticed is that I am quite thirsty and they do recommend to drink a large glass of water with your capsules to re hydrate them but I have been drinking nearly 2 liters a day I never really drank water much before but it is weirdly easy to do because im not craving caffeine. My skin was quite dull with some spots along my jaw line and bottom of my cheeks which are really clearing and I look brighter and my eyes are clearer whiter looking and have a little bit of sparkle too! Yippee! I am so exited to see what changes bringing the berries in to my diet will do too, I really feel im investing in a happier healthier me.

If you would like any more info on Juice plus or would like to try it too check out the website https://www.juiceplus.co.uk   or email me on missdhughes@hotmail.co.uk

I’d be happy to send you or answer any questions you may have

Debbie xxx